Zoom! Teeth Whitening in Stamford, CT: Facts to Know

Are you willing to go the extra mile for your pearly whites? If yes, then professional teeth whitening is probably on top of your mind! The competition of various bleaching brands in the market today is intense. People might end up in the wrong investment if they fail to research keenly. Remember, being impetuous is a no-no when it comes to the teeth. But there is nothing to fret as we at Regency Family Dental is here to help with all your “smile goals”.

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What is the most popular whitening brand nowadays?

Out of all the many brands of teeth whitening, many people including dental practitioners prefer Zoom! Teeth Whitening. In fact, it is not just famous here in the U.S, but it is also well-known to other countries around the globe. This type of bleaching system is patronized due to its impressive whitening results and benefits. Here in our clinic, patients can avail of either in-office treatment using Zoom! or a professional take-home option.

To know more about the treatment, we listed down its essential facts. May you find these helpful when deciding for the best whitening brand to use:

  • Zoom! System is proven safe. The dentist will first secure the patient’s mouth before proceeding to the procedure proper to protect the gums and other soft tissues.
  • Teens with the age of 14 and above can take advantage of the treatment. However, Zoom! is not for children below 13 years old and pregnant or lactating women.
  • Zoom! Teeth Whitening offers long-lasting results. Patients can always maintain their white smiles by practicing good oral hygiene daily and touch-ups in our office.
  • The teeth can dramatically lighten for 6 to 8 shades in as little as an hour with Zoom!.
  • The hydrogen peroxide present in Zoom! is sufficient when compared to over-the-counter kits. In other words, patients can get excellent whitening effects with Zoom! Teeth Whitening.
  • Mild teeth sensitivity may take place after the procedure – this is a normal side effect of any teeth whitening treatments. Nevertheless, the discomfort is sure to disappear within a day or so following the completion of the procedure.

For more information about Zoom! Teeth Whitening under Teeth Whitening services in Stamford, CT, be sure to contact Regency Family Dental today. Our entire team looks forward to meeting you in person and helping you achieve the best smile possible. Visit us today at 1 Strawberry Hill Court, Suite L1, Stamford, CT 06902 to get started on your new smile!