What and Not to Eat After a Root Canal Treatment in Stamford, CT

After finishing the whole root canal procedure, you might probably notice your growling stomach, wanting to be fed as soon as possible. Wondering what foods you can eat after a root canal treatment with us at Regency Family Dental? Know the few things to consider first before putting anything down your throat!

The procedure involved in a root canal treatment includes the cleaning of the inside portion of the tooth to eliminate the dead pulp, to be followed after by the application of a filling for it to be repaired. It will be then finished with a seal and topped with a crown to allow the tooth to function normally.

The mouth will remain numb for several hours until the anesthesia subsides, that is why patients should be cautious in picking the right foods to eat to avoid biting accidentally on something that might lead to pain and even irritation. Here are some considerations to keep in mind before consuming anything after the process:

    • Do not use the treated part of the tooth when chewing; use the opposite side instead.
    • When eating, try to munch or chew the food slowly as much as possible.
    • Remember to choose foods that are soft as they require less chewing.
    • You should also try to stay away from hot beverages like coffee, tea, or soup.


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What To Eat

We recommend oatmeal, smoothies, and yogurt as they are soothing and loaded with nutrients that your body and oral health needs. Other foods that you can try may include:

  • Sliced fruits such as banana, mango, papaya, or peaches.
  • Ice-creams and milkshakes are good options too. Just make sure that they do not contain any nuts.
  • Mashed potatoes
  • Soft cereals

What Not To Eat

Once the treatment is done, you need to ensure that the newly drilled part of your mouth will be free from any unnecessary irritations. Choosing the wrong foods to eat can increase the risk of damaging your treated tooth, giving way for further complications and other additional expensive procedures to rob both your health and your pockets.

To be sure, avoid these eatables and drinks after your root canal treatment:

  • Crunchy snacks and fruits.
  • Hard foods such as nuts, popcorn, and more.
  • Sticky and chewy foods like gums and candies.
  • Alcohol

Slight pain and discomfort are part of the root canal treatment. However, we at Regency Family Dental are working hard to minimize these issues for our patient’s comfort.

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