Welcoming the New School Term with Full Armored Teeth in Stamford, CT

Imagine a child earnestly preparing for the incoming sports game at school. Investing all the time, effort, and hard work for the love of baseball, the child, excitedly enter the field. Crowds are cheering as the game began to get wild. It is now the boy’s time to catch the ball. Determined, he aimed for it. His world stops as the rubber wrapped with hard yarn ball hit straight to his mouth. Ouch! Guess how many fall-out teeth the boy would get without using a mouth guard.

For young athletes in school, it is important to keep the teeth protected, the fact that they are more prone to suffer mouth and facial trauma. And when it comes to a reliable mouth guard, Regency Family Dental has a lot to offer!

A mouth guard is a protective dental device that covers the teeth and gums. It is made up of different materials depending on its type. A custom-made mouth guard is regarded as high quality and the most reliable because it uses a thick thermoplastic polymer compared to the over-the-counter dental appliance. It is designed and produced by the dental professional and customized to provide a perfect fit to the child’s mouth.


Benefits of Wearing a Mouth Guard

  • Mouth guards absorb and distribute forces from traumatic blows to avoid the mouth, teeth, and gums from being injured due to an impact.
  • It reduced the risk of a child to suffer from tooth loss, tooth fracture, dislodgement and damaged dental appliances or treatments such as braces, veneers, and implants.
  • There is an existing psychological benefit when children will wear a teeth protector for playing sports. They are more likely to feel confident, energized, and aggressive during the game, knowing that their teeth are fully armored.
  • Mouth guards served as a shock absorber that prevents brain and neck injuries and concussions.
  • Wearing a mouth guard can save every child’s smile!

Get added protection to your child’s teeth. Book them a Mouth Guard appointment in Stamford, CT  with Regency Family Dental! Our dental office is located at 1 Strawberry Hill Court, Suite L1, Stamford, CT 06902.