Sedation Dentistry in Stamford, CT: Everything you Need to Know

The fear of dental procedures is very common that it already has its medical term: Dental Phobia. Although it is common and normal for people to feel scared or anxious during dental treatments it does not mean that it should persist. The negative emotions that are felt by patients hinder them in getting or receiving the necessary dental treatments they need for their overall wellness. Dental complications if left untreated can progress and infect the other areas of the mouth or progress into a more severe problem.

Getting the needed treatments in a timely manner is an excellent way of keeping the dental complications at bay. At Regency Family Dental, we understand that patients can feel anxious and fearful of dental treatments. But, we also understand the risks associated with not getting the right treatments urgently. We provide Sedation dentistry options to help patients feel relaxed and comfortable during dental procedures. It is in the form of laughing gas, local anesthesia, and topical anesthetic.

Girl getting dental procedures with sedation dentistry

Sedation Dentistry

It is a procedure performed by a dentist to eliminate the feelings of fear, discomfort, and anxiety during dental treatments. It is made possible by inducing comfort and relaxation to the patient for them to experience a pleasant dental visit.

Sedation dentistry is not only for people who have fear, but it is also for those who have special needs that prevent them from receiving treatments properly. It includes:

  • Patients with a strong gag reflex
  • Those who have severe teeth sensitivity
  • In need of multiple dental procedures to be performed in a short time
  • Cannot sit still on a dental chair
  • Resistant to local anesthetics
  • Physical limitations that cause pain or discomfort
  • Patients who want to stay fully awake or unconscious during the whole procedure


Benefits Provided by Sedation Dentistry

  • It is a highly beneficial treatment for anyone at any age since it is proven to be safe and effective in providing the comfort that the patients need.
  • Allows the dentist to perform work more effectively, efficiently, and worry-free since the patients are guaranteed to feel relaxed throughout the procedures.
  • Sedation has multiple levels that the dentist can use, it depends on the patient’s condition, also the number, duration, and types of procedures to be performed.
  • For patients who fear needles and dental equipment, sedation options are available where it can either be inhaled, taken orally, or applied topically depending on their preference.
  • Safety is guaranteed since the dentist, or their assistant keeps track of patient’s vital signs throughout the procedures.
  • It helps to minimize or even eliminate the fears, anxiety, and discomfort felt by patients. It allows them to look forward to regular dental procedures and treatment for the overall maintenance of their dental health.


Looking for a safe, comfortable, and pain-free dental procedures? Book an appointment with us! Regency Family Dental has a caring and dedicated staff to help you feel pleasant during your dental appointments with the help of Sedation Dentistry in Stamford, CT.