Importance of Teeth Protection with Dental Sealants! – Stamford, CT

The idea of dental care has been around for centuries. Ancient people were trying to come up with ways that can help in cleansing the teeth. From chewing on twigs, using frayed ends of sticks for scrubbing, to using materials that are crushed like eggshells and hooves when polishing or cleaning the teeth. Many ideas have been developed to ensure the cleanliness and health of the teeth which is still being developed until the recent years.

Dental products and services have been evolving over the years to provide better and effective results in protecting the teeth. Practicing proper dental hygiene and care may be sufficient in keeping the teeth clean, but there are still some areas that are more challenging.

Molars (back teeth) usually consist of grooves and pits that are deep enough not to be reached by toothbrush bristles even when using the thin ones. These portion of the teeth are more challenging to clean making it a vulnerable spot where bacterias and acids can accumulate.

At Regency Family Dental, we want to provide only the best possible treatments that can help in the protection and maintenance of overall dental health. Teeth with deep grooves and pits like Molars and Premolars can avail of Dental Sealants that can act as a barrier against harmful substances that can cause damage if left unattended.

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Why is Teeth Protection Important?

  • The teeth may be the hardest substance in the body, but they are not capable of protecting themselves from any type of damage. Once the teeth are damaged, they can only be restored by undergoing dental procedures which makes preventative treatments like dental sealants vital.
  • Teeth are essential for everyone at any age. The teeth are the ones in charge of breaking down foods that contain vitamins and nutrients needed for better growth. The function of the molars also known as chewing teeth is highly required for better chewing and digestion that helps with the growth and development especially of children.
  • Humans can only have two sets of teeth for a lifetime, primary and permanent teeth. Dental sealants are highly recommended even for primary teeth since these would serve as the guide for the proper growth of the permanent teeth. If a permanent tooth encountered a complication, there would be no more replacements.

Protecting the teeth especially molars are essential since it helps with proper chewing, digestion, and even speech. Any dental complications should be avoided to ensure the overall dental health and wellness of patients to prevent any other problems.

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