Exploring the History of Teeth Whitening in Stamford, CT

If you think whitening the teeth is a new phenomenon, it’s definitely not! The art of teeth whitening had already existed centuries ago. Ready to turn back the clock? Let’s travel back to ancient times and trace how our forefathers used to clean their teeth.

Teeth Whitening

3000 B.C

Electric toothbrushes? Forget about it. People during those times don’t have to exhaust their brain cells trying to think of the best toothbrush to be used. They don’t care about the bristles, the size of the handle, or the brand. In fact, they didn’t even bother spending long hours at the dental care section of the grocery store. Instead, they rely more on what Mother Nature can offer. Okay, to make the story simple, ancient people used “chew sticks” to eliminate food particles on their teeth!

20th Century

Moving forward, the emergence of bleaching methods already began in the late 1980s. But did you know that the discovery of the treatment was actually due to an accident? The hydrogen peroxide, most known as the main whitening ingredient, is actually utilized before to mend the gums. As dentists allowed the gel to remain in the gums for an extended period, they realize that the chemical alters the color of the teeth by making them appear whiter.


Obviously, the popularity of teeth whitening in today’s time is jaw-dropping. People from all over the globe are becoming a fan of the said treatment because why not? Teeth whitening, especially when done by the dentist, is impressively effective. Professional teeth whitening give people a chance to face anyone with a confident smile!

Tired of your dull smile? Let us at Regency Family Dental help you! As technology continues to expand, so are the advancement in the field of dentistry. With that being said, we are proud to provide people with professional teeth whitening services using the Zoom! Whitening System! This type of treatment makes use of the state-of-the-art facilities like the special chair side lamp to reveal eight shades lighter teeth after the procedure.

Additional Brief History

  • Dental works are handled not by the dentist but the barbers during the 17th century!
  • In the early 19th century, experts found out that the excessive amount of fluoride can lead to teeth staining.
  • A white smile is the indication of wealth and beauty for the ancient Egyptians. So to enhance their pearly whites, they mixed ground pumice stone and wine vinegar to create a whitening paste.

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