Bring Back Your Smiles with All-On-4 Implants in Stamford, CT

Taking dental hygiene and care seriously is a great practice that can have long-term effects on oral health. Despite its observance as well as maintaining regular dental visits, it is still possible for a person to lose their teeth. Some of the common factors that can result in tooth loss like gum disease, cavities, bad habits, and inadequate oral care can be avoided. However, aging and injury can be inevitable. There are even instances where extraction will also be performed, but this is usually the last resort.

Tooth loss is not something that can be left as it is, potential complications may develop, and it can threaten the overall oral wellness of a patient. Thankfully, there is now a wide selection of restorative procedures that patients in need can choose from. Their oral and physical health condition can be assessed as well as their preferences to make sure that the one they pick would be the most ideal. For patients who are in need of restoration for their entire row of teeth, Regency Family Dental can offer the best solution yet – All-on-4 implants!


Senior patient at the dentist

As its name implies, it utilizes four titanium implants to hold a complete denture at either the top or bottom portion of the jaw. If regular dental implants are surgically placed on the site or its adjacent sides, the implants in all-on-4 are strategically placed to make sure that the dentures will be held properly in place.

Missing a tooth can already make a difference to someone’s overall wellness, imagine the condition of those who do not have many teeth left! Although dentures have been around for years to serve as teeth replacement, not everyone likes the idea of a slipping oral device in the middle of eating or even talking when with other people. The dawn of dental implants made it possible to have a secure and stable appliance that they can enjoy without the usual worries associated with its traditional counterpart.

Now with All-on-4 implants, patients can give their smiles a second chance while eliminating the constant worry for breakage, slipping, and unnatural look. The procedure aims to restore the teeth as natural as possible not only in terms of appearance but overall function. As titanium implants are known to promote bone growth thanks to osseointegration (formation of a bond between the jaw and post), patients can expect a stable foundation. But like any other prostheses, dentists highly advice patients to still practice proper dental hygiene, adequate care, and routine dental visits to secure its long-term benefits!

You deserve outstanding dental care services. We provide All-on-4 implants as part of our Dental Implants in Stamford, CT. Book your appointment with us at Regency Family Dental and let us help you achieve beautiful and healthy teeth!